The greatest possible proximity to the market is our company mission statement. Recognising and implementing trends at an early stage and entering into new terrain are key success factors in this process.

    Customer success with Bierbaum products is our ultimate aim. Besides high quality products, we provide our customers with a comprehensive service. Our own workshop with creative designers, our own development division with qualified textile engineers and an experienced sales team provide our customers with the highest possible level of advice.

    A high level of cost awareness and distribution of the value creation onto the best and most favourable sites, ensures an economical production. By using our modern production lines, which we partly co-developed, we can provide secure jobs for our employees in Germany. In our other European factories, manual, labour-intensive operations can be dealt with in the best way.

    With a critical eye, we daily face these two objectives of quality and customer satisfaction. Our own high QA standards, qualified QA employees and our own laboratory ensure the highest possible quality standard.

    Not least, the success of any company depends on good employees. We are therefore proud to have a qualified, highly motivated team available.

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